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Porsche Macan Will Leave The European Market Ahead Of Schedule

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The Porsche Macan crossover, produced since 2014, is the company’s best—selling model on the European market. But even despite a number of upgrades, the latest of which was designed to extend the conveyor life of the gasoline model in anticipation of a delayed electric successor, the Macan will be forced to leave the European market due to the vagaries of local legislation.

It turns out that the crossover does not comply with the new rules of the European Union in the field of cybersecurity, which come into force on July 1, 2024. Their main feature is the increased requirements for protecting the car’s electronic systems from possible hacker attacks. A source at Porsche explained to Automobilwoche that refining the crossover’s electronics would be too complicated and costly. It will require a complete redesign of all the software, and given the impending completion of the pipeline cycle, this does not make much sense.

Other Volkswagen group models that do not comply with the norms of the new legislation have already been discontinued or will leave the EU market in the near future. Production of a tiny Volkswagen e-up hatchback! and the Audi TT sports car was discontinued, and the Audi R8 supercar did not last long. Only the commercial Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle family of the T6.1 family remains, but a replacement based on Ford vans has already been prepared for it.

However, this is not the end of the current Makan’s career. German—made crossovers will be shipped outside Europe approximately until 2026 – the key markets will be the United States and China. Well, the Europeans will have a completely new electric Macan of the second generation.

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