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Serial Byd Song L: All Versions Are Shown

This spring, at the Shanghai Motor Show, the Chinese company BYD presented a prototype of its new Song L electric car. In the summer, a pre-production sample was shown at an exhibition in Chengdu, but with tinted windows, and in mid-October the interior of the car was declassified. Finally, the puzzle was completely formed: a full presentation of the product model took place and orders were accepted.

In size and format, the BYD Song L is close to the Tesla Model Y: it is a cross between a liftback and a crossover. Length — 4840 mm, width — 1950 mm, height — 1560 mm. In the interior, which is not rich in physical keys, the role of the visual dominant is played by a large tablet of the media system with a diagonal of 15.6 inches, in which almost all systems of the machine are controlled. The instrument screen is much smaller — 10.25 inches. Of the interesting details — three buttons above the central ventilation deflectors: they are responsible for the air fragrance, which has three unique odors.

BYD Song L is built on an 800-volt e3.0 electric vehicle platform with advanced on-board electronics and a whole set of security systems, that is, technically it is a relative of the BYD Seal sedan. The five—door has adaptive suspension: at the front — on double wishbones, at the back – a five-lever.

Three modifications are proposed. The basic rear-wheel drive Song L has one electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a capacity of 71.8 kWh. The passport range is 550 km according to the Chinese CLTC cycle, and acceleration to “hundreds” takes 8.6 seconds. The second version also has rear-wheel drive, but the engine already produces 313 hp, and the battery capacity has been increased to 87 kWh, and this should be enough for 662 km of mileage. At the top of the scale is a twin—engine top version with a capacity of 517 hp with the same battery and a power reserve of 602 km. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.3 seconds.

Prices have already been announced. BYD Song L costs from 220 thousand to 280 thousand yuan (that is, 2.8—3.6 million rubles in direct translation at the current exchange rate). For comparison: the Tesla Model Y in China is estimated at at least 263900 yuan (3.4 million rubles).

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