Skoda Slavia concept

A team of engineering students created a unique Skoda Slavia concept car, inspired by the 1957 Skoda 1100 OHC racing prototype.

Skoda concept developed by students

The concept was the seventh car developed by students. Now Skoda has introduced a new concept car called Skoda Slavia. The novelty is a two-seat Roadster without a roof, and, according to the company, it is inspired by the racing prototype Skoda 1100 OHC in 1957, designed for use in endurance racing. This is the next concept after the kodiaq-based Mountiaq pickup.

A team of Skoda students reinforced the Scala chassis, welded the rear doors and removed the roof of the hatchback. To match the new sports car design, the student team also equipped their concept with more aggressive front and rear bumpers, a deeper front splitter, and a rear diffuser with fins. The cab received a sporty interior with a pair of anatomically shaped sports seats, a new sports steering wheel and four-point safety belts.

Skoda slavia photo 1

Skoda Slavia also received some technical features that are not present in Scala. The side skirts and alloy wheels are equipped with programmable led lights, the Skoda inscription on the rear door of the car is highlighted in red, and the interior has a 320 W sound system with a 2250 W subwoofer. the 20-inch Spider alloy wheels were borrowed from Kodiaq vRS, the side skirts were removed from the Scala Monte Carlo, and the disc brakes and calipers are identical to those installed on the Octavia vRS.

Skoda Slavia concept - photo  2

Notwithstanding extraordinary restorative changes, the Slavia is furnished with an unaltered 1.5-liter four-chamber turbocharged petroleum motor and a seven-speed programmed transmission, as in the Scala. Motor force stayed at 148 HP and 250 Nm of force.

Alois Cower, top of the Skoda Academy, stated:

The student car is the annual flagship project of the Skoda professional school. For the seventh year in a row, our students demonstrate the high standard of our internal training by planning, designing and producing an impressive concept car. We give them the opportunity to develop their dream car by working with professionals from our various departments. As a result, their training already introduces them to the processes that will become part of their working life later, when they graduate from our vocational school and start a career in our company.

Skoda Slavia concept photo 1

Skoda Slavia concept photo 3

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