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Stellantis Is Ready To Review The Electrification Plan

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The development of technologies for the production of traction batteries and electric motors, coupled with cost reduction, allows automakers to offer more competitive electric vehicles. But, on the other hand, a significant role in the popularization of electric transport is played by new environmental and prohibitive legislative norms, especially in the EU countries. Local authorities have placed automobile companies in a strict framework in which the production of traditional cars with an internal combustion engine becomes unprofitable. In the European Union, the sale of gasoline and diesel cars will be banned in 2035. The United States does not yet have uniform standards for the entire state, but California and ten other states intend to do the same for Europeans: the ban on new cars with internal combustion engines is also scheduled for 2035.

The international concern Stellantis has already announced a comprehensive electrification strategy Dare Forward 2030. According to this plan, by 2030, the concern will have no cars with internal combustion engines in Europe, and in the United States the share of sales of electric vehicles will reach 50%. But in practice, electric car plans face difficulties and even lead to lower sales volumes. It is not surprising that the head of the Stellantis concern, Carlos Tavares, intends to closely monitor the upcoming elections to the European Parliament and the presidential race in the United States: both election campaigns will be held in 2024. And based on their results, the electric strategy of the concern will be reviewed.

In an interview with the German publication Automobilwoche, Tavares said that after the elections, “politicians may be different.” At the same time, if “political and public opinion changes towards a decrease in support for electric vehicles,” it is necessary to “prepare the company in advance for the new framework conditions. We have plans in this regard.” Presumably, we are talking about a large-scale revision and reduction of the previous electrification plan.

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