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Swm Crossovers In Russia: Prices Announced

Kaliningrad Avtotor announced the start of production of SWM cars back in April of this year, but they have not yet appeared on sale. According to the original plan, the distribution of these cars was to be handled by the Obukhov dealer company, but after several postponements of the start of sales, it withdrew from the project. Therefore, already at the end of the summer, Avtotor began to prepare the sales organization independently, as was done with the Kaiyi and BAIC brands — for this purpose, a subsidiary distribution structure of Vostok Veter Rus LLC was created. And only now it has been announced about the imminent start of sales.


The Russian range of the SWM brand will consist of three parquet floors created on a single technical basis. The basic SWM G01 (in the title photo) debuted back in 2018, and the SWM G01F version was released a year later and features a more aggressive design, contrasting interior trim and equipment. The length of the two crossovers is 4610 mm and 4670 mm, respectively, the wheelbase is 2750 mm. The salons are designed for five riders, and the trunk volume is 440 liters. A simple chassis — with McPherson struts at the front and semi—independent suspension at the rear, the claimed ground clearance is 170 mm for the G01 model and 160 mm for the G01F model.


Both SUVs have a gasoline turbo engine 1.5 with a capacity of 139 hp with a seven-speed preselective “robot”, although the Chinese market also provides “mechanics”. Front-wheel drive only. The SWM G01 will be offered in three trim levels, the basic one includes a leather interior, ventilation and heated driver’s seat, climate control, a ten-inch media system screen, a panoramic roof and a rear-view camera. The other two versions have a minimum of differences, and the price range is from 2 million 438 thousand to 2 million 478 thousand rubles.

The SWM G01F is equipped with a little richer: the base has an electric driver’s seat, all-round cameras, a fifth door servo, an air ionizer and a number of other options. Three complete sets will be offered at prices from 2 million 588 thousand rubles to 2 million 628 thousand rubles.


The third model is a larger crossover SWM G05 Pro. It debuted in 2021, but in fact represents the evolution of the very first SWM X7 model of the 2016 sample. “Zero Five” has the same wheelbase as the G01 (2750 mm), but the total length reaches 4750 mm, and there can be two or three rows of seats in the cabin. The technique is the same: a 1.5 turbo engine, a seven-speed preselective “robot”, only front-wheel drive.

The five-seat SWM G05 Pro normally has a “leather” interior, a regular air conditioner and a 12-inch media system screen. To choose from — three similar equipment options, prices — from 2 million 626 thousand to 2 million 662 thousand rubles. Seven-seater cars also have climate control, panoramic roof and other elements, and prices range from 2 million 733 thousand to 2 million 769 thousand rubles.

SWM G05 Pro

Sales of Kaliningrad-built SWM cars should begin before the end of the year. The first 25 dealers will open in November, they are located in major cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.), but later the network will be expanded.

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