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The Exterior Of The Cadillac Vistiq Crossover Is Shown

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Cadillac is rapidly expanding its electric range. Following the relatively compact Optiq electric crossover unveiled last month, official pictures of the larger Cadillac Vistiq model are shown. There is very little information about it yet, but it is clear that this crossover should take its place between the Lyriq and Escalade IQ electric vehicles. That is, the length will be about five meters.

The seven-seat Cadillac Vistiq is built on the Ultium platform common to all GM electric vehicles. Externally, the crossover is designed in the traditional style of the brand, but characteristic features like a blind panel instead of a radiator grille and developed taillights make it similar to electric Cadillacs. The interior of the crossover has not yet been shown.

The manufacturer did not disclose details about the equipment either. However, in the corporate image, the nameplates “600 E4”, located at the rear of the car, are easily distinguishable. The co-platform Cadillac Lyriq with the same designation boasts all-wheel drive with two electric motors developing a total of 507 hp and 610 Nm. The full premiere of the Cadillac Vistiq crossover is scheduled to take place in 2024. However, this electric car is declared as a car of the 2026 model year, and this means that it is unlikely to appear on the market earlier than in the 2025 calendar year.

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