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The Faw Bestune B70 Liftback Has Been Updated In Appearance And Interior

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The medium-sized FAW Bestune B70 liftback entered the Russian market only in the spring of this year. But in his native China, this five-door debuted back in 2020, so now it’s time for a planned update. And it went in the expected way, because FAW has been remaking the existing models of the Bestune sub-brand for its corporate identity called “Power, Purity and Perfection” for the second year. It has already been successfully adapted for the T77 and T99 crossovers, and the liftback got without a significant revision.

This design implies, first of all, an abundance of horizontal lines and a frameless “bookcase” of the radiator grille. But most notably, the Bestune B70 has lost its characteristic “fangs”, both in front and behind. New taillights without these elements and with “chess” graphics noticeably changed the image of the car, although the fifth door and bumper remained almost untouched. Other wheels appeared, and plumper bumpers increased the length of the car by 45 mm (up to 4855 mm) with an unchanged wheelbase (2800 mm).

The overall architecture of the cabin has remained unchanged, on the front panel there are the same multi-sized screens of the “instrument panel” and multimedia system under a single glass. But from the full-fledged climate control panel, only a strip of “hot” touch buttons remained (the rest of the control is concentrated in the screen menu), the front panel cover was changed, and the gearbox joystick was replaced with a more compact selector. Cup holders have lost the curtain.

There are no technical changes, although so far only the senior power unit has been confirmed — this is a two-liter turbo engine (224 hp, 340 Nm) paired with a six-speed Aisin automatic. Most likely, the basic bundle of the 1.5 turbocharger (169 hp, 258 Nm) with a seven-stage preselective “robot” will remain unchanged. All characteristics are specified in Chinese specifications, and in Russia the power of the B70 model is slightly reduced (217 and 160 hp, respectively).

Serial production of the updated Bestune B70 liftbacks will begin in December, at the same time prices on the home market will be known. Obviously, such cars will reach Russia much later.

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