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The Skyworth Skyhome Sedan Is Shown As A Concept

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The automotive division of the Chinese holding Skyworth Group, operating in Russia under the Skywell brand, is preparing for production of the second passenger model. The ET5/HT-i crossovers (electric car/hybrid, respectively) will be accompanied by a large sedan. Its development has not yet been completed, but the Skyworth Skyhome concept car has already been presented to the public, which, as stated, corresponds to 90% of the future production car.

Unification with the company’s existing crossovers tends to zero — even the design of the sedan is made in a different, softer and streamlined key. The dimensions have not yet been made public, but there is information about the platform under the CE index. It is completely new, with air suspension of all wheels and adaptive shock absorbers. A two—lever is installed in the front (for McPherson crossovers), and a multi-link design is installed in the rear.

Another important difference from crossovers is the presence of all—wheel drive. Skyhome is an electric car with two electric motors (one on each axis) with a total power of 625 hp. Acceleration to 100 km/ h should take 3.5 seconds. There will be a simpler version with a single motor, but there is no question of hybrid variants anymore. It is stated that the traction battery can be charged in 10 minutes for a throw of 490 km, and a third-level autopilot is also promised.

The interior of the concept has four separate seats, a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel and a single wide screen on the front panel. The passengers in the back row have folding tables, a refrigerator in the central tunnel and a folding monitor of the media system on the ceiling. Two Snapdragon 8295 chips are responsible for controlling the on-board electronics, unlocking the car from a smartphone or by fingerprint is provided.

The Skyworth Skyhome production sedan will be introduced next year. And the Russian importer of the company has already announced that this model will appear on our market in late 2024 or early 2025.

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