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The Updated Exeed Vx Enters The Russian Market

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The restyled Exeed VX crossover is already available for order from Russian dealers. The presentation of the car took place last week, but now the price list has been published, and the start of live sales is scheduled for December 14. Of the two options for an updated appearance (both are available on the Chinese market), a less radical one was chosen for Russia. This crossover retains the horizontal bars of the radiator grille and the strict design of the front bumper, although these elements themselves are new.

The drawing of the 20-inch wheels has been revised, but there are no other visual changes: even the entire lighting equipment remains the same. The length (4970 mm) and width (1940 mm) are preserved, and the height has become 4 mm higher (now 1792 mm) thanks to a modified suspension: for example, new aluminum rotary knuckles have appeared. However, the passport ground clearance has not changed (200 mm). An unexpected update: the volume of the washer tank has been increased from 5 to 7 liters.

The interior is completely new. The front panel is a single glass surface covering the entire width of the cabin, into which three screens and ventilation deflectors are integrated. The diagonal of the central touchscreen is 15.6 inches, and the sides are 12.3 inches each. The media system has a wide range of online services and telematics: VX became the first model with the Exeed Connect system, which can be controlled from an application on a smartphone.

The new steering wheel is equipped with touch buttons, the right steering lever is now responsible for controlling the transmission, and the control panels for the electric drive of the seats are located on the doors. There are now not six, but ten airbags: side airbags on the second row have been added, a knee cushion for the driver, as well as a central one, which is installed between the front seats and eliminates the collision of the driver and passenger.

The two-liter turbo engine remains the same (249 hp, 385 Nm), but there are big changes in the transmission. Instead of a preselective “robot”, the updated Exeed VX has a classic eight-speed Aisin automatic, and a new sixth-generation BorgWarner electrohydraulic clutch is responsible for connecting the rear axle. Plus, four off-road driving electronics modes have been added at once: Snow, Mud, Sand and Off-Road. The maximum speed has not changed (195 km/ h), but the passport acceleration time to “hundreds” with the new transmission has been increased from 8.5 to 9.3 seconds.

The updated Exeed VX is offered only in the richest President configuration, which includes nappa leather seat upholstery, three-zone climate control, front seats with electric drive and massage, panoramic roof, audio system with 23 speakers, electric fifth door, adaptive cruise control and much more. Now you can choose the format of the second row of seats: in addition to a three-seater sofa, the Exeed VX can have two separate armchairs for the first time.

Interestingly, it is the new, six-seater version (with separate seats) that is assigned to the base and costs 6 million 500 thousand rubles. The seven—seat version is more expensive – 6 million 700 thousand rubles, although it usually happens the other way around. Anyway, after the facelift, the Exeed VX went up by at least a million, because pre—reform crossovers cost 5.3-5.7 million rubles.

By the way, next year the Exeed RX crossovers for Russia will be equipped with the same eight-speed Aisin “automatic”. But only the expensive versions will have such a gearbox, and the basic ones will retain the current seven-speed “robot” with two clutches.

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