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Toyota Crown Sedan Of The New Generation: Production Version

A pre-production sample of this car was demonstrated at the end of spring, but now the serial version has made its debut in Japan, which will soon be on sale. The sedan became the third of four modifications in the reformed global Toyota Crown family, joining the Crown Crossover and Crown Sport models. But it is the Crown Sedan that should be considered the carrier of the family DNA of the Crown dynasty.

It’s all about the platform. If the Crown Crossover and Crown Sport are built on a massive TNGA-K platform with a transverse engine arrangement, main front-wheel drive and McPherson front suspension, then the Crown Sedan has a completely different basis. The TNGA-L architecture is a classic layout with a longitudinal arrangement of the internal combustion engine, rear—wheel drive and a two-lever front suspension, as with all Crowns of the previous fifteen generations.

Hence the more expensive proportions with the interior shifted back. The design of the front and stern is unified for all the Crowns of the new family, however, if the cars on the “transverse” platform have magnificent body shapes, then the sedan of the classic layout is made stricter — with a stingy relief and an abundance of straight lines. Compared to the previous model of the 2018 sample, it has become 120 mm longer (5030 mm), 90 mm wider (1890 mm) wider and 20 mm higher (1475 mm). The wheelbase was increased by 80 mm and amounted to exactly three meters. The ground clearance varies from 130 to 135 millimeters depending on the version, and the curb weight is at least 2000 kg. The declared volume of the luggage compartment is 450 liters.

The interior of the sedan is also made in the “corporate” style of the Crown family and is quite conservative by modern standards. For example, there is a separate climate control unit, there are a lot of small auxiliary control keys on the central tunnel, and the instrument screen (12.3 inches) is hidden under a large visor. The monitor of the media system has the same diagonal. Formally, the sedan is a five-seater, but three passengers can hardly fit comfortably on the back sofa. This is, first of all, a car for those who prefer to drive with a driver. A touchscreen is installed in the rear central armrest to control “comfort” — adjustment, heating and ventilation of seats, as well as other systems.

Crown Sedan is presented in two versions — hybrid and hydrogen, and both have only rear-wheel drive. The first power plant called Multi Stage Hybrid System includes a four-cylinder atmospheric 2.5 (185 hp, 255 Nm) and a traction electric motor (180 hp, 300 Nm). The transmission is the same as that of the Lexus co-platform hybrids: it includes three planetary gears (they connect the internal combustion engine, electric motor and generator) and the most common four-stage “automatic”. Multiply three by four and we get twelve fixed gears, although only ten are used. This scheme was first used on the Lexus LC 500h coupe in 2016. The peak power of the system is a relatively modest 245 hp for a two-ton car.

The Hydrogen Crown inherited the powertrain from the Toyota Mirai sedan of the second generation, which is also built on the TNGA-L platform, so no alterations were required. An electrochemical generator with a capacity of 128 kW (174 hp) is installed under the hood, and an electric motor with a peak power of 182 hp drives the rear wheels. Hydrogen is stored in three cylinders: they are located in the central tunnel, under the rear sofa and under the trunk floor, the total gas reserve should be enough for 820 km of mileage. Both the hybrid and the hydrogen version have a buffer lithium-ion battery behind the back of the rear sofa.

The start of sales of sedans in Japan is scheduled for November 13, but the sixteenth generation of the Crown will not be exclusive to the domestic market: cars will also be delivered to China. Prices at Japanese dealers are 7.3 million yen ($48,500) for a hybrid and 8.3 million yen ($55,000) for a fuel cell car. In the Land of the Rising Sun, Toyota plans to sell about 7,200 such Crowns annually. The car is also available by subscription: rates start from $ 720 per month. And the fourth model in the family is next in line — the Crown Estate crossover.

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