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Toyota Crown Signia Crossover: The Fourth Model In The Range

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This squat SUV was first highlighted last year in a “family photo” during the presentation of a new range of cars under the general name Crown. Then it was designated by the uncomplicated name Crown Estate, but in the end a more sonorous name Crown Signia was chosen for the production car. The crossover became the fourth and last representative of the relaunched Crown family. And technically, it is close to the Crown Crossover cross sedan and Crown Sport cross hatchback: it is based on the same GA-K platform with a transverse engine arrangement, McPherson front suspension and main front-wheel drive.

The Toyota Crown Signia is 4930 mm long, 1880 mm wide and 1620 mm high. That is, we have a large five-seat crossover in front of us, continuing the ideas of the Venza model. Only we are not talking about the current twin of the Japanese Harrier, but the already forgotten first-generation SUV. Considering that the Venza did not meet expectations in the second generation and will leave the US market next year, the new Crown Signia model can be considered as a conditional replacement.

The exterior of the crossover generally corresponds to the design concept of the Crown family, however, a more refined and elegant overall design can be noted. The LED blades of the head optics are neatly hidden under the horizontal bar, and the stern is elegantly lined with stripes of taillights and an upper brake light. The image of an atypical Toyota crossover is completed by relatively short overhangs and a minimum of “off-road” plastic.

The dominant place on the front panel is occupied by the screens of virtual devices and a multimedia system with a diagonal of 12.3 inches each. On the center console there is a wireless charging pad and three USB-C ports. Two more ports are available to second-row passengers, as well as additional ventilation deflectors, cup holders and seat heating.

The front seats are already “in the base” have electrical adjustments. There are two options for interior color design — black and beige. The top version of the Limited additionally includes a JBL audio system with eleven speakers, leather upholstery, seat ventilation, and wheels with a diameter of 21 inches.

The Toyota Crown Signia can only be an all-wheel drive hybrid. The power plant consists of an atmospheric 2.5 and three electric motors: two are built into an electromechanical variator and help rotate the front wheels, and the third is mounted on the rear axle. The peak power of the system is 246 hp.

A fully electric mode of movement is provided, but only at low speed and a short distance, because the traction battery of the hybrid is compact (capacity is not specified yet) and it cannot be charged from the mains. The mixed fuel consumption is 6.5 liters / 100 km, and the crossover can also tow a trailer weighing 1225 kg. In the future, a rechargable version of PHEV should also appear.

Toyota Crown Signia crossovers should appear at American dealers only in the summer of 2024. Prices will be announced closer to the start of sales. In addition to America, such a Crown is expected in the markets of Japan, China and other Asian countries.

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