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Toyota Hilux 1983

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The first generation of the Japanese pickup Toyota Hilux 1983 (N50, N60, N70) entered the market in November 1983. The car bacame more attractive outside and inside, and also got new propulsors. The commercial production of the model was conducted for five years. The model of the next fifth generation appeared in 1988.

Toyota Hilux 1983

Toyota Hilux 1983 is a compact pickup truck. It was offered with a single or double cabin and with three variants of the length of the wheelbase. The length of this Japanese car is 4435-4966 mm. The ground clearance varies from 190 to 200 mm depending on the modification. And the weight in running order does not exceed 1270-1410 kg.

Under the hood of Toyota Hilux 1983, you can find a wide range of propulsors. Among the petrol versions there are four-cylinder engines of 2.4 liters. Its power hovers around 97 – 135 “horses”, and the torque from 174 to 234 Nm. Also there is a six-cylinder engine with the volume of 3.0 liters and capacity of 150 forces. There are many diesel engines. Among them are engines with the volume of 2.2-2.4 liters, generating 62-82 horsepower and 126-165 Nm of torque. And also a turbocharged 2.4-liter 93-hp unit with a thrust of 216 Nm.

Near the engines worked manual transmission for four or five gears and automatic transmission with three or four gears. The car was available with a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The base of the fourth-generation pickup truck is the IMV, which also used in 4Runner SUV. Despite the type of drive, the car is equipped with an independent spring front suspension on the wishbones and a dependent rear structure with leaf springs.

A hydraulic amplifier is provided in the steering device. The brake pack consists of disc mechanisms in front and drum rear. Toyota Hilux 1983 has a productive engine, an acceptable level of patency, good carrying capacity and good steerability. The disadvantages are a rigid suspension, not the most comfortable cabin and high fuel consumption.

We are really happy to present you Toyota Hilux 1983.

Summary: Toyota is one of the giants of the Japanese automotive industry, which creates a true reliable cars. Among them: the cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and buses.
Recently, the car manufacturer Toyota produces more cars with hybrid engines and electric vehicles. Thereby following modern trends!

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Video of Toyota Hilux 1983


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