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Toyota Hilux 2000

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Toyota Hilux 2000 had a single, one-and-a-half or double cabin. The length of the car varies from 4690 to 5035 mm, width – from 1665 to 1790 mm, height – from 1600 to 1795 mm. The front axle is located at a distance of 2850-3090 mm (depending on the modification) from the rear axle, but the ride height is the same for all – 195 mm.

Toyota Hilux 2000

Toyota Hilux 2000 of six generation has four gasoline and four diesel engines. Gasoline engines: volume of 2.0-2.7 liters and a capacity of 101-152 horsepower. Also there is 3.0-liter V6, which supplies 193 “horses”. Among the diesel engines are atmospheric variants of 3.0 liters, producing from 98 to 105 forces. And turbine units of 2.5-3.0 liters capacity, whose potential reaches 101-125 horsepower.

Like its predecessors, the car was offered in versions with rear or all-wheel drive. It had both a mechanical and an automatic transmission (five and four gears respectively).

Among the design features of Toyota 2000 – frame body structure, power steering and braking system with discs on the front and “drums” on the rear wheels. Front mounted independent suspension, rear – dependent scheme. In the first case – it’s torsion bars, transverse levers and stabilizer bar. In the second – a continuous bridge and leaf springs.

The positive qualities of the sixth generation are attractive appearance, ergonomic interior, good load capacity, good off-road capabilities for all-wheel drive versions and productive engines. Negative aspects are cheap materials in interior decoration, simple equipment (especially for basic versions) and high fuel consumption.

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