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Toyota In Europe: More Vans And Hybrid Hilux

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Toyota is on a roll today: the debut of new Camry and Crown Signia passenger models took place in America, and the European division simultaneously presented an updated and expanded range of light commercial vehicles. The company “heels” Toyota ProAce City and medium-sized vans Toyota ProAce was a “half-truck” Toyota ProAce Max. Although this model can be considered really new except for Toyota itself.

ProAce Max marks the expansion of cooperation between the Japanese and the Stellantis concern, because the entire range of ProAce is borrowed from it with minimal changes. Even at first glance, it is clear that the new van is another variety of the Franco—Italian models Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Opel Movano. This family has been produced since 2006, although it has undergone two major upgrades all the time, and the new Toyota differs from the listed twins only in the plastic tail of the front.

For Toyota, this model is important because of the possibility of entering the European segment of large cargo and passenger vans. The ProAce Max will be offered with two wheelbase options, plus three body length and height values are available. The maximum volume of the cargo compartment is 17 cubic meters. In addition, the customer can choose from chassis with different cab configurations (one or two rows) and add-ons.

So far, only the electric version of the ProAce Max has been declassified, which has a traction battery with a capacity of 110 kWh and a power reserve of 420 km on the WLTP cycle. With a charger power of 150 kW, the process of replenishing the battery charge to 80% will take less than an hour. It is unknown whether the ProAce Max will appear in a diesel version.

The younger ProAce and ProAce City models have been updated according to the recipe of the restyled counterparts presented recently under the Peugeot and Citroen brands. Cars under the Japanese brand differ from them only in cosmetics: these are different bumpers and logos. In the case of the younger models, Toyota also kept silent about the versions with internal combustion engines, revealing only some characteristics of the electric versions. Like their European relatives, Toyotas have also become a little longer-range. The medium-sized ProAce van has increased the mileage on a single charge to 350 km (plus 20 km), and the range of the ProAceCity heel is 330 kilometers (plus 50 km).

The update also affected the well-deserved Toyota Hilux pickup of the eighth generation: a “soft” hybrid was added to the range. The power plant includes the familiar four-cylinder turbodiesel 2.8, which has a 48-volt starter generator powered by a small capacity battery. The characteristics are not yet reported, although earlier the Australian branch of Toyota stated that this hybrid superstructure will reduce fuel consumption by 10%. In addition, it is promised to improve off-road qualities due to the additional torque at the bottom, which is provided by the starter generator.

All of these Toyotas should enter the European market in early 2024. Prices will be announced at the same time.

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