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Updated Chevrolet Tahoe And Suburban Suvs

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The fifth-generation Chevrolet Tahoe and twelfth-generation Chevrolet Suburban SUVs currently being produced were introduced at the end of 2019. They continued the market success of their legendary predecessors: according to GM, this pair occupies 40% of the full-size SUV segment in the US market, and among all Chevrolet families ranks third in terms of sales. Planned restyling is designed to develop success.

The exterior has been updated with neat touches and at first glance has not changed dramatically. However, the main headlights are now located not above the LED “brackets” of the running lights, but under them. This serious metamorphosis was masked by additional diode strips under the hood edge. Of course, it was not without a new bumper and grille. The pattern of the taillights has been changed, two new body colors (Cypress Gray and Lakeshore Blue Metallic) and optional 24-inch wheels have been added.

The main changes are hidden in the interior. The front panel is completely new — with an electronic “instrument panel” with a diagonal of 11 inches (there are no analog scales anymore) and a huge display of the media system (17.7 inches). The configuration of the air ducts has been completely changed, they have moved slightly lower and are now combined with a new climate control unit, which has retained the physical controls.

The push-button transmission control panel has been abolished: from now on, the Tahoe and Suburban, as in the old days, have a steering gear lever. Although this is no longer a bulky mechanical “poker”, but a compact electronic selector. In addition, a new steering wheel has appeared, and the top version of High Country has acquired a natural wood finish – for the first time for the Tahoe/Suburban.

The list of electronic systems and assistants has been significantly expanded. A branded Super Cruise quasi-autopilot is available. Motion detectors have appeared in the cabin: they are necessary to warn forgetful drivers about abandoned children or pets in a parked car. Another novelty is the extensive camera system, with which the owner can remotely monitor the situation inside and outside the car. A DVR mode is provided and recording is automatically turned on in case of a threat of an accident.

The main technical update was the significantly upgraded Duramax turbodiesel. This 3.0 L inline six-cylinder engine has gained new pistons, lubrication and cooling systems, a turbocharger and high-performance injectors. As a result, the recoil reaches 309 hp and 671 Nm against 281 hp and 623 Nm in the pre-reform version. The traditional gasoline V8s with a volume of 5.3 liters (360 hp, 519 Nm) and 6.2 liters (426 hp, 623 Nm) are also preserved. All engines are paired with the former ten-speed automatic. The basic versions are rear—wheel drive, for an additional fee – an all-wheel drive transmission with a clutch in the front wheel drive and a downshift.

The chassis settings have also been revised. The suspension and steering have been modified to increase comfort and improve handling. In expensive versions, an air suspension is still available, and electronically controlled Magnetic Ride shock absorbers can be combined with both pneumatic cylinders and conventional springs.

The updated Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban will be on the assembly line at the Texas plant in Arlington only by the end of 2024. Prices will be announced closer to the start of sales.

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