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Upgraded Toyota Land Cruiser 70: Petrol And Three-Door

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The eternal “seventies” was updated last summer — then the right-hand drive versions for Japan and Australia were shown. The middle-aged SUV was given a pronounced retro style, and the equipment was updated point-by-point so that it would not harm the legendary patency and reliability. Now the updated Land Cruiser 70 is ready in a left—hand drive version – for the Middle East market. In general, the modernization took place according to the same scenario, but it was not without interesting local features.

For example, the beige-sand coloring of the interior is shown for the first time. Although the interior improvements are already familiar: a new instrument cluster, a media system with a touch screen and support for AppleCarPlay and AndroidAuto protocols, USB connectors for connecting devices, plus a steering wheel with buttons on the spokes.

Only for Arab buyers, a short three-door “seventy” is offered: there is no such version in Japan or Australia, so it was shown in an updated form for the first time. Yes, it is much inferior in practicality to both the usual five-door version and pickups, but it has a chance to become the main “crook” in this off-road family. Its length is only 4235 mm (640 mm shorter than the “five-door”), that is, only a few more class B crossovers. Geometric patency promises to be great! The cabin is designed for five, and among the disadvantages is a reduced fuel tank from 130 to 90 liters.

Under the hood of the Arab “seventies” there was a well-deserved gasoline atmospheric 1GR-FE. Such motors have been installed on these cars since 2009: the four-liter V6 has a proprietary Dual VVT-i valve timing system, and its output is 228 hp and 360 Nm. But if earlier Cruisers with such an engine had only a manual transmission, now a six-speed “automatic” is offered. The all-wheel drive transmission is made according to the traditional Part-Time scheme.

No other engine and gearbox options are offered in the Middle East. Although in Japan, a 2.8 turbodiesel (204 hp, 500 Nm) with an “automatic” is available, and in Australia also a 4.5 V8 (205 hp, 430 Nm) paired with a five-speed “mechanics”. Both island states are deprived of petrol versions. The three-door Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is already available for order in the UAE at a price of 169900 dirhams (46300 dollars). A five-door here costs at least 179900 dirhams (49000 dollars).

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