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Volkswagen Crafter 2015

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Due to the bright design Volkswagen Crafter 2015 advantageously differs in the traffic flow. It successfully combines the firm design of Volkswagen and the characteristic features inherent in successful commercial vehicles.

The updated model is distinguished by a wide radiator grille of a modified form. It decorated with four large chrome-plated bridges and points to the remarkable capabilities of powerful Crafter engines. The car combines a strong male character and carefully worked out details of the exterior. For example, inside the headlights you can see the logo “VW”. It placed right in front of the lamp caps and clearly visible through the caps of transparent glass.

Profile Volkswagen Crafter 2015 also looks quite dynamic. Wide protective moldings located along the entire body, visually connect the front and rear bumpers. Embossed blanking rising from the arch of the front wheel to the rear block headlights, harmoniously combined with the inclined line of the front side windows.

Volkswagen Crafter

Crafter – the largest and most versatile of the light commercial vehicles Volkswagen. And thanks to the three compact and highly efficient TDI engines with the Common Rail fuel injection system, without exaggeration, it can be attributed to the most economical, powerful and reliable cars. This car is designed for hard work.

In this review we want to tell you about the Volkswagen Crafter 2015. See photos and video of Volkswagen Crafter 2015, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Volkswagen Crafter 2015

Volkswagen Crafter 2015 photo - 1

Volkswagen Crafter 2015 photo - 2


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