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Volkswagen CrossFox 2007 is a city car manufactured by Volkswagen-Brazil for the Brazilian market. In Brazil, the model is represented by a whole family of modifications, consisting of four versions. The car can be selected in the body of a five-door hatchback or station wagon. Moreover, each of them is also available in the fake offroader version with the prefix Cross in the title.

Volkswagen CrossFox 2007 The length of automobile is 3830 mm, width – 1660 mm, height – 154 mm. The luggage compartment capacity is 250 liters. Wheelbase is 2460 mm. The simplest version of car has 1 liter engine. More expensive versions have 1.6 liters engine. The car was produced from 2005 to 2011.

In this review we want to tell you about the Volkswagen CrossFox 2007. See photos and video of Volkswagen CrossFox 2007, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Volkswagen CrossFox 2007

Volkswagen CrossFox 2007 photo - 1

Volkswagen CrossFox 2007 photo - 3


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