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Volkswagen Has Offered Renault The Development Of A Joint Electric Car

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As we already know, Volkswagen is experiencing difficulties in the electric vehicle segment. In addition to the already announced staff cuts and production shutdowns, management doubts the possibility of creating an affordable electric car on its own. It seems that a solution has been found for the largest Chinese market — it implies the broad involvement of local engineers and suppliers. But what about Europe’s most important home market?

According to the German business publication Handelsblatt, to solve this problem, the management of the Volkswagen group has made a proposal to jointly create an affordable electric car to competitors from the Renault group. The intended goal is to develop and launch production of a simple battery model with a price of about 20 thousand euros. In addition to the obvious market prospects, this will make it possible to better prepare for the future onslaught of affordable Chinese electric trains, which are already beginning to penetrate the European market.

Volkswagen ID. 2all

Cost reduction should be achieved at the expense of scale. According to unofficial data, both Volkswagen and Renault consider the annual output of 200-250 thousand electric vehicles to be profitable. And cooperation between the two car giants should help achieve these indicators. It is still unclear which car will be the prototype of a possible German-French bestseller. Volkswagen has two potential candidates at once — the ID hatchback under development. 2, which should cost from 25 thousand euros, and so far only the planned ID.1.

Renault 5

The French are doing better. Firstly, there is a very simple Dacia Spring in the range, priced from 15,800 euros, although its production is carried out in China. And secondly, the Renault 5 hatchback is almost ready to enter the market, which will cost 20-25 thousand euros. Finally, there are plans for the fourth generation of the popular Renault Twingo model: a concept car with a five-door body in the style of the very first Twingo was recently shown. According to plans, by 2026 this hatchback should become the most massive and affordable electric car for a nominal 20 thousand euros.

Reuters has requested comment from both concerns. Renault replied that indeed “various discussions are underway, but nothing has been definitively decided yet.” Volkswagen declined to comment.

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