Ferrari F1 2011: Photo and Video Review

The car of 2011 Ferrari F1 2011 was to be called the Ferrari F150, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. However, in February 2011, Ford announced that F150 was its registered trademark. It is so called pickups, produced for the US market. To avoid conflict, the Ferrari renamed the car, and on the road it came out under the name Ferrari 150 ° Italia.

Ferrari F1 2011

After a one-year break in 2011 the teams were again able to use KERS, and the stored energy increased, as well as the minimum allowed weight – from 620 to 640 kg. Double diffusers, controlled planes on the front wings and air ducts were forbidden, which made it possible to reduce the effectiveness of the rear wing on straight lines. In return, DRS appeared – a manageable sliding bar on the rear wing, which the rider could use to overtake on certain sections of the route. The rubber supplier was replaced: instead of Bridgestone, now all teams used Pirelli tires.

The new car Ferrari F1 2011 was seriously different from last year, the team decided to use KERS, which led to significant changes in the layout and weighting. The rear suspension and braking system were completely revised, and the front suspension was modernized. Monocoque of Ferrari 150 ° Italia became higher, and the air intakes of side pontoons decreased in size.

However, numerous changes did not lead to the desired result. On the road the car could not oppose the Red Bull RB7 and Sebastian Vettel, by the middle of the season it became obvious that there would be no victory.

It was not the best year for Ferrari. After the catastrophic start of the championship, in the middle of the season, Scuderia made some progress, Alonso even won the Grand Prix. But this victory was not stable – in the championship literally dominated the Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel.

Technical director Aldo Costa after the disastrous Spanish Grand Prix was dismissed. Many, including the president of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, accused the team’s staff of excessive conservatism, that they are not able to offer innovative ideas that distinguished the team in the era of Schumacher.

This, perhaps, overly harsh criticism led to the fact that the responsibility for technical progress was transferred to Pat Fry, a former McLaren strategist, and the situation has indeed improved slightly. So much so that in the UK, where the debut version of the modernized version of the Ferrari F1 2011 with a deeply redesigned aerodynamics and rear suspension, Alonso climbed to the top step of the podium.

But it was only a single success, and in the rest of the season, the Scuderia had to throw a white flag in front of the Red Bull, and sometimes McLaren. Even on such routes as Spa and Monza, where before the team brilliantly performed in unsuccessful seasons.

Despite the weak form of Ferrari F1 2011, the team managed to get 10 podiums during the season, including the victory in the UK, but all this is the result of the efforts of Fernando Alonso. His team-mate Felipe Massa has not risen on the podium for the entire season, which characterizes the competitiveness of the new car. Easy victory in the championship again scored Sebastian Vettel, and Scuderia missed ahead in the Constructors’ Championship also McLaren.

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