Chevrolet Lacetti 2014

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Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 is a symbiosis of two Daewoo models – Lacetti and Nubira. Its design was developed in Turin in ItalDesign studio under the direction of Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car appearance is quite dynamic, but not outrageous. Almond-shaped headlights look quite calm. The car attracts attention with aggressive rear optics, rear pillars and magnificent 15 inch wheels. An elegant roof spoiler and fog lights are available in more expensive SX and CDX vehicle configuration. Each line of Lacetti body demonstrates strength and endurance.

Chevrolet Lacetti 2014

Interior design of Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 is devoid of all kinds of refinements, but it is very harmonious and modern. Multifunctional steering wheel and “automatic” lever, inlaid with a pseudo-tree attract attention. Aluminum inserts are widely used in interior decoration. The instruments are easy to read, the ergonomics of the driver’s seat is at the proper level. In the base SE there is a small shelf instead of the CD receiver. Designers used in decoration only the high-quality materials. All panels as accurate as possible. Light colors of upholstery are sustained in one color range and therefore the interior seems even more spacious.The steering wheel can be adjusted in two directions, so the driver can find the comfortable position.

The rear passengers feel comfortable and have a good room above their heads. And since the base Chevrolet Lacetti (2600 mm) is one of the largest in its class, the passengers also have enough legroom. The baggage room has an impressive volume. And it can be further enlarged by folding the back of the rear seat.

Talking about the salon we should said about its equipment. Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 has a good list of basic equipment. The standard equipment of the SE package includes air conditioning, power steering, front airbags, ABC, height-adjustable driver’s seat and CD-radio. In the SX equipment, the car is supplemented by a climate control system, side airbags for front passengers, fog lamps, a driver’s spectacle case. For lovers of luxury there is also a third set – CDX. It includes, in addition to the listed, 15-inch wheels, sports front seats with pronounced lateral support, as well as an armrest with holders for glasses. In short, in the lounge at Lacetti has everything to win the favor of demanding buyers, accustomed to luxury interiors.

The vision from the driver’s seat is at the good level. Rear headrests almost do not obscure the plane of the rear window. Only in sharp turns the front pillars of the body fall into the field of vision.

For the Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 three petrol engines with a capacity of 1.4 (93 hp), 1.6 (109 hp) and 1.8 l (122 hp) are offered.  The power-plant device with a capacity of 1.6 liters makes it easy to move and ride safely at low engine speeds. But for a confident overclocking it is necessary to disperse more than 4000 rpm.

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Even at high speeds, the car keeps it steadily. With the increase in speed, the steering wheel is filled with gravity, and in bends resiliently resists turning. The 1.6-liter engine is enough for the steady ride. The 1.8-liter power unit has similar behaviors. But already with the correction for an additional 13 hp. Therefore, it demonstrates the best traction, and the car, respectively, the dynamics. The suspension works well for rare irregularities.

In conclusion, it remains to add that the Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 is a workhorse. This is a reliable representative of the golf class.

Welcome! We want to present Chevrolet Lacetti 2014. This legendary car name plays an important role speaking about the car making industry of the USA. Chevrolet always catches people’s attention with its notable design. The cars of this manufacturer are made according to the safety standards worldwide.
Chevrolet Lacetti 2014 is reliable and reasonable offer. Besides, the car provides a really good driving performance.


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